Nuffin' Goes Undercover

Thanks to everyone who came along to Dreamland in Margate to support us at the Undercover Festival in Margate on Saturday 14th April 2018. Also a big thank you to promoter Mick Moriaty for allowing us to strut our stuff and for putting on such a great event.

This now legendary event was held over two days commencing on the Friday where the Blockheads headlined along with Eddie & The Hot Rods,  The Sex Pistols Experience, The Witchdoktors.

Nuffin' took to the stage on Saturday afternoon where the headliners on the main stage were Sham 69. Other names on the Saturday billing included Kirk Brandon, Peter & The Test Tube Babies and Menace.

We brought along a few copies of the 12" vinyl album and it was great to be able to sell and sign a few pre-release copies for the faithful who were able to make the trek to sunny Margate.

Next up is our official Crowd Control album launch party at the Dublin Castle in Camden on Saturday 12th May with our good friends the Bermondsey Joyriders.

Bored Teenagers Vol 9 Featuring Nuffin's original 1979 recording at Granny Records

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October 2017

Thanks to all of those who came along to our 40th Anniversary Vintage Punk Rock Party Saturday night and made it so special.  It really was a breakthrough gig for us - around 100 people from all over who are now signed up as solid fans.  Our web-site has well over 200 followers and now offers of gigs are lining-up like planes coming into Heathrow……(well Gatwick!). 

Further gigs are now confirmed so please check out our News and Events Pages for more info.

See you all again soon.


Thursday 29th March 2017

Nuffin’ returned on Wednesday 29th March, with headliners The Vibrators at the legendary Dublin Castle Camden Town, as part of the Punk4MentalHealth Festival. Nuffin’ were second band on the bill after Princip's swaggering pop rock set starring former Hollyoaks star Che Watson. Also on the bill were Pistolhead UK playing their brand of late 70's style punk.

Original Vibrator Knox played an acoustic set before joining his ex-comrades on stage for a couple of Vibes classics.

Headliners The Vibrators dished out a set of punk classics from their long career. The sets were interspersed with brief talks from organiser Dr Joel Voss to raise awareness and challenge the stigma associated with mental health issues. The event was to raise funds for the pioneering research of Dr Voss - 'The Punk Professor'.   Facebook:" 

A big thank you to all our friends and fans who turned out to support us and this event. It was a great night and we hope you enjoyed it as much as the band did. Also a big thanks to our former drummer Roger Bullen (AKA Eater's Dee Generate) who joined us on stage for a rendition of Eater's single Outside View. 



Saturday 18 February 2017

Nuffin at Dublin Castle

Nuffin’ are back on Wednesday 29th March, opening for The Vibrators at the legendary Dublin Castle Camden Town, as part of the Punk4MentalHealth Festival. Nuffin’ expect to play their usual high-energy 35 minute set around 7:30 pm (-ish), with The Vibrators and other bands finishing by 11 pm.

Sunday 1 January 2017

We're Plastique


What fun to find ourselves featured on French Radio University Campus Grenoble last Wednesday. Nuffin are featured around the 5 minute mark in the Podcast below.  

Friday 16 December 2016

More Nuffin' tonight on Wonderful Radio Winchcombe

Check out for more Caterham punk sounds of the 70's courtesy of DJ Mike Reynolds' Winchcome Calling show.

Winchcombe Calling Punk Special Podcast

DJ Mike Reynolds' radio show featuring two Nuffin' tracks along with comments on the band can be heard on this podcast

The show is nearly 2 hours long and is well worth a full listen so if you want to land directly on the the Nuffin' bits you will need to locate 22 minutes and again at 1 hour 16 minutes. Check it out.

Friday 9 December 2016

Nuffin' Rocks Radio Winchcombe

As we arrive at the 40th Anniversary of the Sex Pistols' showdown on the Bill Grundy 'Today' programme followed by the John Peel show on Radio 1 (featuring the pre-punk and early punk sounds of the 20th century), DJ Mike Reynolds (AKA Michael R) re-lived these revolutionary moments with his radio broadcast which featured many UK and US pre-77 music combined with tracks and quotes from that particular John Peel session.

Mike was a school friend and Nuffin' fan back in the day and tonight he made several references to our time when we were playing our first gigs which included a de Stafford school show (where Mike was the drum roadie) and also our 'TV filmed' Roxy gig which Mike attended.

They were great times so a big, huge thanks to Mike for his excellent playlist which included Nuffin's Red Day Blues and Centrepoint Anywhere plus some wonderful moments from the Damned, Eater, Andy Blade (good album) and some USA proto-punk slabs of Ramones, Richard Hell, Television and Iggy.

Top stuff Mikey boy, the drinks are on us!!!

Monday 5 December 2016

Nuffin' Finally Happened

After 38 years of nuffin’ happening, Nuffin’ finally happened on Saturday 3rd December at the The Gunner’s Pub, N5…..and it was incredible.  We had a fantastic audience, who boogied and bounced all through the set …. and we all had an absolute riot!!!

After a highly chaotic start, the first two bands sorted-out out the sound and warmed up the crowd.  We kicked-in with our 1977 teenage take-on-life, warming the crowd with songs of love, betrayal and revenge ('Red Day Blues', 'Out of Action', 'Pigs Cant Fly', 'Mandy Tuesday Wendy').  

The set then took on a more political tone, as the the audience joined us in riot gear for ‘Centrepoint Anywhere’, 'Crowd Control’ and ‘We’re Plastic’.  

Finally, we welcomed our old mate Roger “Dee Generate” Bullen onto drums and, with Neil on guitar, partied out to ‘Outside View’ — our favourite Eater Single — and the Ramones classic: 'Blitzkrieg Bop'.  By the finish we could hardly move for party streamers, as the audience enthusiastically joined in the celebration!

The audience were great and the ‘Bored Teenagers Vol. 9’ CD actually sold-out early in the evening (but don’t panic there are plenty more back at the record company:!).  Signing autographs was a new completely experience for us (they just used to laugh at us at the Roxy Club…) and the ‘Selfie’ simply hadn’t been invented in 1977!

In the after-party euphoria there was excited talk of future gigs and festival opportunities next summer, but for now its back into the studio to capture the rest of the songs — oh, and a few Sanatogens and early nights to aid recovery...

Thanks again to all of you who made the trek to London N5.  We know it’s not an easy trip and it really helped us to know that at least some of you were on our side.  And to those who joined-in as Riot Police — you get backstage passes next time!